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Review Straight through summer and autumn, right into the next review…  

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Goodbye Winter - Hello Spring

  24-03-2017     Reacties (0)

Goodbye Winter - Hello Spring Spr?ng; the season of the year between winter and summer, app 20 mar - 20 jun, during which the weather becomes warmer and plants revive.    Today… No interesting “did you know that”s or other most fantastic worded statements.   Today, just something fantastic what we take for granted. Smile, cause spring is here. See it, smell it, feel it. Go out and breathe some vitamin Sun.   Chilly? Visit our Spring Choice here ?  

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Need We Say More ? !

  15-02-2017     Reacties (0)

Need We Say More ? ! No advertisement, by who-ever, in any way, how expensive ever, even if you are CEO Google², overrules the word of a customer !

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Still Freezing

  26-01-2017     Reacties (0)

Still Freezing Answer ?   ⇒   Layers & Ventilate !   Why do we use double framed windows in houses? In cold areas even triple framed. Because air is a perfect insulator. And that property is exactly what you use when wearing layers of clothing.   Off course we love to sell you a most comfortable hand knitted sweater or luxurious vest, but protecting you from the cold, its best to accept going by layers. So for sure do use that comfortable sweater or vest, but add layers underneath. A thin skinny but breathing first layer, indeed directly to skin. A second one, used as a thin shirt over first layer feeling more comfortable. Some people prefer cotton here but do know that cotton absorbs and holds moisture. A third to realise more air-pockets around your body, mostly done by using fleece garments. For fourth,...

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Freeze !

  21-12-2016     Reacties (0)

Freeze ! Freeze !   Today we’ve reached dec 21 st 2016. We officially entered winter. That means…, if you live in the Northern hemisphere and you measure by astronomical seasons. It is also the shortest day of the year. All together…, cold. Well, when bears wear fur coats, than its really cold, but for us… still cold.   Now that every season has its own charm, winter has another one. Freeze. And, as grandma says, it can be used on your knitwear. Maintaining your precious knitwear is always best done leaving washing procedures, instead airing outside, laid flat, no wind and rain stressing it, and no direct sunlight what ruins everything as long as you are exposed long enough. It is said that freezing your knitwear would solve itching and stitching feelings.   How does this itching occurs? Wool...

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