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Freeze !

Freeze !
Freeze !
Today we’ve reached dec 21st 2016. We officially entered winter. That means…, if you live in the Northern hemisphere and you measure by astronomical seasons. It is also the shortest day of the year. All together…, cold.
Well, when bears wear fur coats, than its really cold, but for us… still cold.
Now that every season has its own charm, winter has another one. Freeze. And, as grandma says, it can be used on your knitwear. Maintaining your precious knitwear is always best done leaving washing procedures, instead airing outside, laid flat, no wind and rain stressing it, and no direct sunlight what ruins everything as long as you are exposed long enough. It is said that freezing your knitwear would solve itching and stitching feelings.
How does this itching occurs?
Wool comes in many qualities. If you buy a garment made out of regular standard wool, the filaments are bigger and consists of barbs. Exactly these barbs makes it easier to felt, but they are tickling you most likely. As many solutions say that you have to freeze your garment, it is also said that it has to be done for 24 hours, has to be done by wash-softener and then for 24 hours, some other grandma tips, or will not work at all. Tell us your experience by replying on this blog so everybody can learn.
How to prevent?
Buy quality garments. Those consists of much finer filaments and up to non-barbs. You will feel the difference as soon as you touch the garments. Gone are the itches. Off course it is more expensive, but then again you can choose for cheaper itchiestitchie regular. A simple way to solve this problem, wear a cotton shirt underneath, long sleeved, and you’re done. No freezing projects, just simple and effective. Besides that, cold can kill and for those who knows that lesson, you will recognize that wearing layers is always better than one big chunk of jacket. Today’s lesson? Buy quality, wear layers, enjoy freezing winter.
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